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I understand and agree to the After Care as provided by Alisa Albers. In the event I fail to follow these guidelines it could result in poor retention which may lead to requiring a fullset. 

I consent to having my eyes closed, taped and extensions applied or removed.

I have informed Alisa Albers of any of the following:

___  Current use of contact lenses

___  Current use of any product containing oils and/or glycerin

___  Current use of any eyedrops

___  Current allergies or sensitivities

___  Recent chemotherapy

___  Any issue that may compromise placement or retention of lashes

I agree to the following After Care:

___  Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours

___  When exercising or swimming immediately rinse the lashes with tap water

___  Cleansing lashes with approved Lash Cleanser every few days

___  No oil based product around the eyes

___  Cleansing lashes before each appointment or receiving a lash bath from Alisa at $5

—--  No pulling or rubbing eyes

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